What is Mind Mapping?

A mind map is used to display the connection between images, colors, texts, thoughts, and ideas in a non-linear form. Keywords may be used on connections to explain the relationship between parts. It can be drawn manually on paper or by using online software like “E-Draw Max” a free online graphic design tool to summarise complex thoughts and ideas.

An existing trend in business analysis is the use of mind mapping techniques. It has been various areas of application such as planning, taking notes, organizing ideas, creative problem solving, collaborating, summarising, and so on.

Throughout the analysis phase, the primary role of business analysts is to investigate, evaluate and scrutinize information obtained from stakeholders as well as any relevant project documentation. This can be simplified by applying mind mapping to structure the information obtained through a carefully thought-out representation of ideas, concepts, thoughts, and problems.

The fast-paced business environment of today also requires that BAs save time, enhance their effectiveness, and become more creative in their thinking. Mind mapping is useful in organizing thoughts on a visual basis. An example of its use is in preparing and delivering presentations. It is important to note that the mind map is not a deliverable of the business analyst but is instead, used in the process of understanding the business in order to proffer comprehensive business solutions.

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