3 New Sets of Googlebot crawling information:

Google has updated Search Console with new sets of information to assist individuals to perceive however their website is crawled by Googlebot.

These updates are being extended as a part of Google’s mobile-first indexing initiative.

Now, individuals will learn that version of Googlebot is primarily crawl their website. they will additionally decide the first crawler used for specific reports, and also the actual date once their website was switched to mobile-first indexing.

Here’s a lot of info regarding every of those new information sets.

1. Primary Googlebot Crawling Information:

Google is currently getting to show users which version of Googlebot is crawling their website most of the time.
This data may be found within the settings panel:

If the first crawler is “Googlebot Smartphone,” then that’s a positive indication your website has been moved to mobile-first indexing.

2. Google will indicate that the crawler was want to collect information for specific reports.

In theory, the primary crawler for reports should match the general primary crawler for positioning.

3. Date of Mobile-First indexing Switch.

Google can currently embrace associate annotation on reports indicating once a website was moved to mobile-first indexing.

No additional guesswork when your website made the switch. currently, you’ll have the precise date enclosed in your reports.

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