What is DMS?

DMS stands for a Document Management System which refers to software that allows you to store and keep track of electronic documents. While this is the most basic function of any DMS, those which are designed with functionality in mind typically come along with a variety of features.

DMS Features

Today, implementing a DMS in healthcare is critical. Therefore, when searching for a reputable document management system, have in mind that an ideal DMS should contain the following 8 groups of features:

  1. Document Input
  2. Document Indexing
  3. Document Search
  4. Document Processing
  5. Workflow Automation
  6. Document Security
  7. User Dashboard
  8. Customization
  9. Audit Trail
  10. Data report and file merging

The features and benefits associated with implementing a well-designed DMS can impact all parts of an organization, Put the paper aside – it’s time to take things to the next level.



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